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What Is Ozone?


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Step into the HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna

From those who are simply looking to maintain and increase their vitality, to those who are battling a chronic illness—the HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna offers a combination of benefits unlike any other therapy. The sauna provides a person’s body with the ability to fight off disease whether it is a parasite, fungus, bacteria, viruses or even yeasts. The primary catalyst is ozone which via enzyme cascade can go after the former and later problems that may occur in the body. The HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna can affect the neurological tissues in the body, enhance the way your nerves work and also improves your lymphatic system. The HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna has the ability help athletes become stronger by depositing more oxygen to their cells and will influence their cell function. The “powerhouse” of the cell (mitochondria) will improve its ability to make energy which is transposed into more strength and even endurance.

As the athlete or the everyday individual uses the HOCATT ozone sauna, they can experience a strength change as mentioned. The “powerhouse” of the cell will have a positive effect upon it which will create reactions to produce more energy; thus helping the person become stronger. The science behind the HOCATT will give the person the opportunity to improve their immune system even further and fight off diseases in their body, improving their ability to live a fruitful and healthy life.

The important thing is to never stop questioning the science and pursue the questions with knowledge.