Superior Chlorella BSE

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Superior Chlorella BSE


PRODUCT:  Chlorella with Brown Seaweed Extract Tablet

FUNCTIONS:   Chlorella is a green algae that contains the highest amount of Protein, Chlorophyll and Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA) of any Food. It also contains vitamins, minerals and lots of natural dietary fiber which encourages better digestion and helps remove toxins from the body. The Chlorella uses a Pressure-Release method to open the cell wall. As the Chlorella cells pass through the specially designed Pressure-Release® chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and dramatic change from a low to high pressure environment. Brown Seaweed Extract is an immune builder and is known to assist with weight loss due to the high amounts of iodine it contains, which helps regulate the thyroid gland. It has the ability to help remove heavy metals from the body. Focoxanthin, found in Brown Seaweed Extract, is a powerful antioxidant. Chlorella helps the body to absorb and utilize Brown Seaweed Extract more effectively.

DESCRIPTION:   90% Chlorella with 10% Brown Seaweed Extract combined together into one tablet.


Maintenance:  12-20 Tablets/Day. 

Health Challenge: 40-60 Tablets/Day.

SIDE EFFECTS: None known. 

PRODUCTION METHOD:  Cultivated Outside in Natural Sunlight.

CERTIFICATIONS: GMP, ISO 9001, Kosher, Halal.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, away from any light source.


SIZES AVAILABLE: 1000 Tablets.

RETAIL PRICE: Tablets: $55.00

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