Ozone Mini-Series with Ann Auburn, D.O.

Knowledge is power. Our providers have studied, questioned, and tested the therapies we utilize and we are here to share what we have learned. Join Dr. Auburn for these quick, two to five minute clips as she covers what you should know about ozone therapy. 


What is ozone?

This mini-lesson covers just the basics. Listen as Dr. Ann Auburn provides an easy introduction to the science behind our unique and effective therapies.


The what, why and how of ozone

Join Dr. Auburn for the second episode and dig deeper into ozone's ability to eradicate infection and boost immune function. 


Hocatt ozone sauna overview

This episode will highlight how our HOCATT ozone sauna delivers multiple powerful therapies in just one session, and how it will be an invaluable addition to your health regimen. 



We are dedicated to sharing the benefits of these therapies. Please contact us for more information.